Tuesday, November 6, 2012

just watchin' the election coverage

because nick won't be coming home until midnight or so tonight. and by that i mean i won't be picking him up until then. yeehaw. guess who's looking for another car?

s'okay, though, because i love my baby!

he started crawling fo rilz a week ago or so, and now i can't keep him away from anything that allows him to lift himself to standing, such as the fireplace ledge. he fell off it tonight and cut his lip--first blood. so sad. and as the squirmiest baby i know, he also managed to flail out of my arms while i was wrestling some pants onto him the other day and clunked onto his head, which made me feel like pretty much the most fabulous mom ever. add that to the top teeth coming in this week, and he's had a rather rough week. just think of this as a self-promoting call for CPS to head on over here.

recouping after his fireplace fall with eyes glued to the TV. yes.

and because i don't really have anything else to add with the media screaming at me (after i invited them into my home, so i'm not complaining), i'll just add another photo. why not? it's not like much else happens over here during my days, and i'm definitely not complaining there.

i know this picture is blurry, but dang. how adorable do they get?


Heaths said...

you're back! yessssssss...

and i'm bummed that we haven't met jethro yet. but i will allow myself to be placated with lots of pictures. get crackin.


Julia said...

I just found your blog. It's adorable! Greetings from Germany!

Brock and Kate said...

Not really sure why you're hiding your cute baby from me. It makes me sad.