Wednesday, October 10, 2012

we got internet

and it was very exciting.

it seems like this has to happen again every few months, but this time, it's for rilz, because we finally moved into our own place like responsible adults who wear pants and everything.

now, after finally getting around to watching the parts of conference we missed (due to a surprise trip to visit nick's mumsy in texas, hooray!),  i will leave you with an inspiring facebook quotation from my cousin, logan:

"I want Thomas S Monson to yell "release the kraken!" and then open a cage with Jeffery R Holland in it before Elder Holland gives his talk."

*referring to this talk. you should watch it.


Brock and Kate said...

hilarious. welcome back to the internets :)

jamieep said...

i wish you could have actually heard logan say that. i laughed heartily.

Katie said...

i agree completely. we were all like whoa. good thing the prophet followed that one, because i think he is the only one that could

Jamie said...

Welcome back. You owe me 47 blog posts and 8734 photos. Just FYI. And Elder Holland's talk is something I'll never, ever forget.

Ashley Lund said...

yay! so this means you need to post more often...i've been missing stalking your life!! :)

mackenzie said...

yayyyyyyyy now post some pictures of that baby.