Thursday, April 5, 2012

only 250 pictures behind

yes, i've taken over 300 photos on my phone of this face in various (but not all that varied, admittedly) positions. sue me. and if you don't want to look at photo after photo of my offspring, i suggest you take a little hiatus from this here blog. cuz that's what's happening over here for now. what else is there, i ask you? huh? huh? i dare you to answer...

packed up all his newborn size clothes yesterday. cried. so did jethro, a lil bit. so... a normal day, really. but holy cow, he's getting huge.

look how loose that outfit is! don't look at all the puke stains! there's no keeping up with this kid.

but i forgive him because he looks like this. cute even at 3am while giving the stinkeye.

does this look like an evil radish gnome to anyone else? love it.

this face was a favorite for a while.

he's kind of grumpy-faced, i guess. very serious, at least. this is daddy's fault. i always look like sunshine.

bahahaha. this outfit cracks me up. part farmer, part beach babe siren lady. but he can pull anything off with those eyebrows, which are always ready to perform to perfection. uh-huh.

darn, crooked. oh, well. fat old man face.

i call the following sequence the jethro dance. not really; i just made that up right this second because i'm very creative. and yes, he does look burmese here. goin' back to his roots. sort of.

he's got flair, baby.


he started gouging his face when his eczema got super bad, and i couldn't keep up with his fingernails because i'm afraid to cut them short, so we resorted to socks for a while. i'm a good mom.

i promise he enjoys walks more than this face would lead you to believe. last night's was followed by po' boys on the square with nick's high school buddy who stayed the night en route to texas. what? nick has friends? and he even took pictures of this guy this morning with his fancy-pants camera and photog skills. sooper exciting. thanks, ryan!

and ceiling fans are ALSO THE BEST!

in closing: burping jethro post-nursing is basically exactly like holding a friend over the toilet who's been binge drinking all night, except it's way less gross and actually kind of cute. but the noises and attitudes are the same, pretty much. he's in the complete-surrender-due-to-exhaustion phase here. awww. so tender.

also, i didn't bleach sections of his hair with hydrogen peroxide. not sure what happened with that lighting. wowzas.

and now he doth awaken! high ho, silver, away!


Courtney said...

If I don't see our little nephew soon I may explode...seriously, it HURTS inside. How can we make this happen??????

elyssa said...


; )

Heaths said...

aaah!! i LOVE him.

A+M said...

again, he is so cool! I think it is the spiky hair- he's ready to start his rock band! I'm in love!!!! I want to give him a little squeeze- enjoy him, these moments fly by!!!!

Maya said...

looooove his hair! just fyi: i call getting to hold him at matt's wedding next month, mmmkay?

also, socks are awesome. we totally used those for miles, plus the little sleepers that have the mitts that fold down from the sleeves. oh, and instead of clipping the nails, mark nibbled them. true story.

Kelly said...

he has so much hair!!! oh my goodness. he is so adorable!!! i want this little baby of yours!!! Such a cutie! gah!! is he sleeping for you? how are you ?