Thursday, February 16, 2012

the end is nigh


so i feel like i'm beating a dead horse and that no one really believes me, but fo rilz: the internet is so slow here. and i am so lazy. but here's what's shakin' with the morrill clan as of late, all ye voyeurs!

1) nick got a job. crazy talk. he starts monday, probably just in time to have to take time off for the birth of his firstborn. ha. so he's pretty hot, but we all knew that already. he'll be working with sam's club (let's talk about how weird that is) doing strategy or innovations or something, neither of us really knows yet, seeing as neither of us knows a thing about business. his soon-to-be boss just thought he was so sexy, i guess, he couldn't resist. and he'll do a good job, because nick does a good job at anything. i'm not even biased at all. but more on that glorious miracle news later, when nick can tell you what it means. basically, we know somebody's still looking out for us, and we're grateful.

2) my dad introduced me to someone at church this week by saying, "this is my oldest daughter, and she's as big as a house!" i'd put up a picture to let you judge for yourselves, but i just realized the "add photo" button is not even available right now. proof that we're super old school right now. dangit. my posts without pictures are dumb. just know that i'm huge, i'm contracting as usual, i'm having additional labor pains increasingly every day, and i'm finally getting to the point where my fear of labor is less than my frustration with constant false labor. and i have the best college buds AND new ward ever, so i have been very showered with gifts, and i have lots of good pictures for that, too. looks like we're due for a library trip tomorrow, assuming i'm not birthing my child.

but now it's time to go for a walk to encourage said birthing and then head to the OB so he can tell me i'm still nowhere near said birthing ; ) sorry for this awful post! but there it is. tchau, with love.


Ashley Lund said...

Elyssa! I'm so excited for you to have your baby. i have missed reading your blog! are you going to post the "birth story?" cause those are always a great read. also, i can't wait to see what you have named your baby, whenever he decides to show up! im only 25 weeks and i feel as big as a house. i can't imagine what it feels like to be nearly done...ahhh scary!

Brock and Kate said...

don't hate me, but I kinda want your little guy to wait until saturday so he and Sadie can share bdays. Good luck! You're going to do great and he is going to be so very handsome!

jamieep said...

i like you.